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Product Development

At Scentrelle consulting we work from the beginning of the product development cycle to customise a product for you that results in confidence behind your brand knowing you have created the best product suited for your target market.


Our technical expertise range from formulating the product in the lab through to technical assistance and guidance for regulatory and trouble shooting in scale up manufacture.



Development and formulation of high end skin care, dermatological products, hair care and styling products in accordance with certifying bodies e.g. ACO and Cosmos.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation including; writing Safety Data Sheets, regulatory paperwork for various countries i.e. EU, US, China, checking packaging labels


Sourcing of new and innovative ingredients for your products


Assisting with stability and preservative efficacy testing


On site guidance in batch manufacture and auditing


Ranelle has had experience in all facets of the industry including analytical testing, auditing, research and development as well as manufacturing.

Fully Qualified Formulation Scientist

Ranelle is a fully qualified formulation scientist with 11 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, dermatological and cosmetic industries. Her passion for skincare and the beauty industry began at the young age when she attained the highest grade in Chemistry at her high school in year 12.

Honours Degree in Pharmaceutical Science

Later she completed an honours degree in Pharmaceutical Science with a major in Formulation Chemistry at Monash University in which she obtained a scholarship to work in industry. She was heavily involved in university activities taking part in leadership programs and achieving many awards for her product developments. Her concentrated effort and studious diligence culminated in election as student ambassador.

Ranelle's skills have garnered attention across the globe

Since graduating she has gained a vast array of experience and expertise across a broad range of industries allowing her passion for creating new products in the market place to prosper. 

Highly Experienced

At Lyon ITECH in France she completed a thesis entitled “Colour Cosmetics Penetration and Colour Attributes” which researched the dermal penetration of lipsticks. She also formulated novel haircare products in Toronto, Canada for start-up businesses. Ranelle has been selected to become a member of the Technical Committee for the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists in which she advises on technical regulatory aspects in the Australian cosmetic industry.

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