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Prepare Your Body for Winter in 5 Simple Steps

Prepare Your Body for Winter in 5 Simple Steps

The Autumn season is coming to an end and Winter is now approaching. With the change of the season, a change in everyone’s wardrobe is expected. But, do you know that your skin also experiences a change as the weather changes.

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Usually, skin oil glands are less active during the colder months. It is a fact that the cheeks and the neck area have very little sebaceous oil glands. So, during winte glands are less active, thus, your neck and cheeks are likely to be worst hit with issues like flakiness. In order to care for your skin in the harsh Australian winter, it is important that you prepare it beforehand. How? Here 5 easy steps to follow:

  1. Prefer Using heavy moisturising products Instead of Lotions: The way you change your wardrobe, change your skin emollients too. A cream is much better than the lotion in providing oil to your skin and helps in reducing the water loss from your skin. Your skin comes in proper form when you apply a cream instead of the lotion during winter or better yet use a body oil to supercharge your skin with oils.
  2. Take a warm Shower or Bath: Take a short lukewarm bath/shower and pat your skin dry afterwards, then apply a layer of moisturiser from the top to the toe. This lukewarm water bath is necessary for your skin, as in winters your skin is dry and thus, warm water is the best solution for it. If the water is too hot it strips your skin of moisture.
  3. Apply Sunscreen: Though we hardly get exposed to the sun in winter which that doesn’t mean that the rays of the sun are not affecting us. They remain in touch with whenever you go for an outing or to your workplace. Therefore, skin care is necessary, Make sure that your sunscreen has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating higher than 15. People who spend their time mostly outdoors must use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.
  4. Avoid staying in a dry environment: Keeping warm by a heater is great however can really dry out your skin. Try and use your heater less especially in the car and rug up before you turn up that thermostat.
  5. Wear Gloves: During winter, our skin is dry. Hands’ skin are the thinnest part of our body and has a very few oil glands. Keeping your hands moist in winter is a difficult task. This situation leads to itching and cracking. So, the best way out is to wear gloves when you go outside. This would help to moisturise your hands and keep them out of the harsh environment.

So, these were the best ways to prepare your skin for winter. Follow them accurately and let your skin breathe.


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