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With this being my first piece for Scentrelle, I want to outline a major issue both women and men face today – body image. I think, for most people, body image is a shy topic of conversation for it carries some shame about it. There is nothing shameful about how the media has made us perceive ourselves. The concept of beauty has all different definitions, the media has one.

Men are supposed to be slender yet full of chiselled muscle and women are supposed to be nothing but skin and bone. To the media, it is just that black and white. In reality, it is just not healthy for most of us.

I strongly believe women should respect and love themselves the way they are naturally. Bone structure plays a major role in how we will forever look, and achieving a thin and frail frame is just not possible for most people. I recognise that some people are naturally thin, and that’s perfect for them. Just like having a bigger frame for others is perfect for them too.

As for men, there is a lot of pressure for them to hit the gym and become the biggest they can be. There is a new eating disorder which outlines this behaviour along with the strict dieting that is involved. If the media settles down and stops naming bigger men as ‘desirable’, then the pressure will lift off. They shouldn’t be made to feel this way.

As for us women, relax a little and make sure you tell yourself each morning one thing you like about yourself. Grab your favourite lippy, spray your favourite perfume and do your make up the way that you like and get ready to tackle the day. If you expose your confidence, others will pick up on it and maybe you will help them feel a little about themselves too.

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