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A lot about beauty depends on our skin and hair, rightly enough a thinning hairline is anyone’s nightmare. Hairloss is one of the commonest problems among patients attending our clinic. It is at times associated with other major illness or present just by itself.

With the ever evolving lifestyle and food habits, the occurrence of hairloss has become common in any age group than the usual concept of middle age presentation. Today a lot of teenagers and young adults face hair and scalp issues; I have not observed any age group for this problem.

Individuals worrying about their hairloss come up with the very first dilemma, ‘which is the best available shampoo to arrest my hairloss’  ‘which are the best hair products to grow thick and shiny hair?’ Often we are out of advice when a patient asks the same questions in the clinic, as we know as a fact none of those shampoos produce results. Unfortunately, shampoos are just external and never reach deep enough to provide any nourishment to the hair roots to strengthen them; no matter how convincing all the advertisements appear...

Hence it is important to understand that a more comprehensive treatment is required which addresses this problem internally.

Apart from medical management most people need to be educated about the impact of a right lifestyle and effective stress management.

Some of the factors which need to be probed to provide a medical alleviation of this issue of hairloss especially with homoeopathy are:

  • Medical conditions affecting the scalp
  • Physical/external factors like long standing debilitating illnesses, drug and alcohol abuse, some hormonal treatments, lack of personal hygiene especially of the scalp etc. These factors such as a unhygienic scalp can persist without help from medications.
  • Hereditary and genetic factors also determine how your hair would be for example, if your dad is a bald middle aged man or your mum has cascading tresses. However genetics is not the deciding factor as with timely prevention and management you can have thick hair even in your middle ages when your father was already a bald man.....

So when we know that a bizarre lifestyle, polluted environment, improper nutrition ,a stressed out sleepless body finds it easy to react through your skin and hair it takes a mere modification of modes of living, healthy diet and a positive healthy living to  keep most of these issues at bay.

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