Beauty Water | Water to make your skin beautiful

Posted on March 24, 2014 by R Scentrelle | 0 Comments

Have you ever heard of water that makes you beautiful? In Australia we have Vitamin water which consists of a range of specific moods which you can enhance using these special waters. I for one have always had the pink flavoured one only because of the taste im not too sure if it produced the effect on the bottle though but I won’t delve further into that.

But if you saw water that would make your skin beautiful or at least promise to would you try it? Is there a difference between this and anti-aging skincare out there which promises a wealth of results?

There is a brand called beauty water which contains coenzyme Q10 a well-known antioxidant which is available in many big brand creams promising to scavenge free radicals hence having an effect on the health of your skin. The entire beauty from within concept of marketing is produced from these waters and perhaps the promise of more than a cream as it works internally not externally.

Perhaps this also focuses on the number one beauty tip of; keeping hydrated and ensuring your drink enough water (8 glasses a day) I have read over and over again in many health and beauty magazines.

But drinking plain tap water can also help your skin as you are hydrating yourself keeping your skin moisturised internally. Drinking water can also help your brain! Yes drinking water ensures that oxygen gets to your brain making sure your brain works optimally. Water can also help with your joints and the list goes on. Remember this is plain water without any extra additives.

So before you buy that extra special water full of additives and sweeteners think about the effect of plain water can have in ensuring you remain beautiful.




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