What Causes Uneven Skintone?

Posted on April 23, 2014 by R Scentrelle | 0 Comments

Hyperpigmentation? Blotchy Skin? Uneven Skintone?

What causes it? Why do some people have it and others seem to have perfectly toned skin?

Well it all has to do with Melanin. Melanin is produced naturally by our body to provide hair colour and skin colour.

Uneven skintone and hyperpigmentation is caused by the body producing too much Melanin.

What causes overproduction of Melanin?

Hormones - a imbalance of hormones can cause hyperpigmentation commonly seen in pregnant women and women on the contraceptive pill.

Sun - the sun causes Melanin to be produced in order to protect our skin from UV damage, exposing your skin to too much sun causes overproduction and Melaning and brown spots.

Scarring - often after acne or other skin injuries darkening of the area can occur.


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