Maracuja Oil | 5 Benefits for your skin

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Maracuja oil is another name for Passionfruit Seed Oil it sounds much more exotic and is beginning to become as popular as Jojoba Oil.

Maracuja oil is harvested from the Passionfruit seeds and is a yellow oil with a hint of passionfruit odour while it is delicous as a fruit it has some amazing benefits for your skin.

Benefit 1 - Anti Aging

Naturally high in Vitamin C and A these potent antioxidants help to protect against free radical damage from the environment thus helping to keep your skin smooth and supple. Vitamin A (chemically Retinol, Tretinoin) helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and skin tone. So instead of getting a prescription Retinol cream how about trying natural first?

Benefit 2 - EFAs

What are EFAs? Essential Fatty Acids are present in Maracuja Oil. EFAs cannot be produced by our own body. A lack of EFAs results in dry and dull skin making you look somewhat aged. By using Maracuja oil you are replenishing your skin with EFAs resulting in healthy vibrant skin.

Benefit 3 - Firming and Plumping

Maracuja oil contains CoQ10 which is known for firming and plumping the skin... yes please!

Benefit 4 - Hydration

A light oil which hydrates your skin and puts back the moisture in your skin.

Benefit 5 - Suitable for all skin types

This oil is a special one as it is suitable for all skin types, sensitive, oily and dry.


The benefits of this oil clearly outweigh the use of taking extra tablets or prescription skincare so before you try those, go back to nature and try the most natural source available.

Scentrelle Reverse Time Face Serum contains a high dose of Maracuja oil as well as other anti aging oils. Love your skin! xo


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