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Happy Life -

Be Mentally Happy | By Simone

In order to take care of our bodies in the most natural and healthiest way requires us to get our minds in check first. Mental health is essential to our overall wellbeing and is necessary for everyone of every age. If we cannot stand being alone with our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, we cannot take care of ourselves physically.

Feeling happy and confident gives us a natural glow in our face. This is a youthful look that screams “I’m healthy and happy” to everyone we come in contact with. This cannot be achieved without a positive mindset and love for ourselves. It all begins in the mind.

Society tends to have a negative perspective on laugh lines and the wrinkles around one’s eyes. These are nothing but signs of a happy and laughable life, not of old age. We should be envious of people with these lines on their face for it tells us they have achieved a fulfilling and grateful life. We should wear these lines like stripes on a tiger for they make us who we are.

Changing your perspective on little things like wrinkles and signs of old age can really turn your life around. Focus on why these features have shown and what it means for you and the life you have lived. Emotionally, you should feel blessed to have been a part of the world so wear these stripes with pride.

Mental strength is far more important than physical strength. You can waste your time away in the gym lifting weights believing it will result in complete happiness, or you can explore the world and find the things that really matter. 


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