The Beginners Guide to skin care oils | Anti aging oils benefits

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The beginners guide to skincare oil

Why use them? Did you know when you hit 30 you start to see how well your skin has coped, that is to stay when you hit 30 is when aging caused from the sun, stress, smoking starts to be seen. As we age our skin produces less natural oils, thus wrinkles become more evident. The correct ratio of skin oils allows your skin to soak it up like a sponge, carried antioxidants and vitamins a lot better than your average water based cream or serum.

Sensitive Skin Hallelujah

As oils don’t contain preservatives, sensitive skin can rejoice as their skin is engulfed in potent antioxidants and cocooned in nourishing essential fatty acids present in skin.

Oils are also suitable for all skin types, yes all be gone the myth of oil is bad for oily skin. Oils help to balance your skin and restore its health, rather than stripping your skin of natural oils with harsh detergents or water, yes water.

Let’s do an experiment! As Im a cosmetic scientist I love to do experiments! Have a bath for too long as in you know when you’re finished when your palms go wrinkly. Now get out of the bath and see how water temporarily hydrates your skin. Once dry don’t moisturise and see how long it takes for your skin to feel dry. Now that is the result of water based skincare, it provides a temporary effect. As opposed to oil which your skin absorbs and hydrates for a much longer time.

Cost effective, $$$

As the economy hits a slow remember that oil lasts a lot longer than creams. You only need a few drops as opposed to a 20 to 50 cent coin size of cream. You do the maths and work out which product will last longer and cost less in the long run.

Treat yourself with an indulgent oil your skin will thank you for this Winter. Put our Australian anti aging oils to the test and let us know how you go we have the best face serum and best body oil at your service, not greasy, feather light and oh so good for your skin.

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April 02, 2015

Read the reviews and also the inrtiuctsons on their website – they have a different technique I think. The sample lasts a long time! I actually got the sample with my curler too! I held out for so long b/c I didn’t want to order but it was worth it.

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