Top Tips For Managing Your Beauty Routine During An Aussie Summer

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Summer in Australia is hot, sunny and glorious. But unfortunately, after the cooler, darker months of winter it can come as a bit of a shock to our bodies, and our beauty routine. After all, we all want to look our best in during those long summer days, but sometimes it can be a challenge to know where to make changes, and where to keep things the same.

So, today we’re going to be laying down a couple of simple changes that you can make to your existing routine to survive the summer with your gorgeous glow intact.


Start Exfoliating

Winter, and even Spring, can be hard on the skin. With the colder weather, and the darker days, we often resort to fake tans to keep our skin glowing, or sustain on less than healthy diets. Summer is a time for new beginnings, so make sure your skin gets the memo. Exfoliating can do amazing things for your skin health, eliminating the nasties that have taken hold over winter, and encouraging new growth and shine.

You can make your own exfoliant so easily that it doesn’t seem worth it to buy a product, so look online for recipes.


Hydrate Your Hair

With lots of sun, and likely quite a bit of time in and out of the water, your hair can start to get serious damaged during the summer. Luckily, it is easy to both heal your hair, and prevent that dry, sun-damaged look. The answer is hydration, keeping your hair strong, silky and sleek with health and new growth. Leave-in conditioners and hair oils are a great way to ensure your hair stays healthy, although natural coconut oil can work as well.


Wear Sunscreen

This should go without saying, but it is amazing how many killer sunburn victims you’ll see walking the Australian streets in the summer. Getting burnt is not the fastest way to a tan, but it is the fastest way to a skin cancer diagnosis, so do yourself a favour and pile on the sunscreen. Also, don’t forget that for full coverage it is a smart idea to invest in an SPF lip balm. We won’t make recommendations here as your choice will depend on a variety of situational and health factors.


Wash Gently

Unfortunately, with all that sunscreen on it is easy for your skin to suffer from blocked pores and the general slime of days at the beach. One of the best ways to avoid this is to get a pore-friendly sunscreen, but dealing with it after the fact is possible. Find yourself a simple, fragrance free, hypo-allergenic skin wash (like Cetaphil) to gentle cleanse your skin, making it easy to clear out those blockages.


Moisturise Your Skin

After a day at the beach and a good wash, there’s one more step to take that will leave your skin gloriously glowing, and in love with summer: moisturising. That’s right, what you take out through washing you must replace, and regular moisturising can help to keep your skin healthy, toned and shining. We’re cautious of chemical laden creams, so we would recommend one of our lovely body oils, of course!

Summer is a time to be heartily enjoyed, not a time to stress about your beauty regime. Our tips might be simple, but they work for us and we have a pretty good feeling they’ll work for you too.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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