How To Enjoy Christmas Without Ruining Your Skin

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Christmas is a time for celebrating, for spending time with family and for indulging in a lifestyle we might not follow at any point in the rest of the year. This indulgence, along with the all-too-familiar holiday stresses that tend to crop up around Christmas time, can leave our skin a little worse for wear.

But, there’s good news too.

You can still enjoy Christmas time and have the skin you’ve been enjoying all year. Here’s how:


Keep Up A Balanced Diet

When it comes to Christmas there aren’t too many among us that don’t enjoy a few days (or weeks) of delightfully decadent Christmas foods, from sugary mince pies to summer seafoods. But indulgent food, although it tastes great, doesn’t do anything for your diet in most cases. Make sure that you’re getting as much produce as you can this Christmas, it is summer in Australia after all. Mix some salads and fruit plates in with your Christmas spread, and choose fresh fruit over canned when possible.

Keeping lots of fresh produce in your diet helps to keep your skin in shape by supplying essential vitamins and minerals to your body. That inner health shows on the outside, leaving you with a glow that definitely isn’t sunburn.


Stay Hydrated

Christmas in Australia can get very hot. This means it is important to guard against dehydration, which is the number one cause of dull and lifeless skin. Dehydration is made worse by the consumption of alcohol and sugary foods, both of which can suck water from your body. So, if you are enjoying a tipple or sampling some sweets, make sure you mix both with plenty of water throughout the day.

Another thing to remember is that if you’re heading out to parties and wearing more makeup than you usually would, your skin needs to be treated with something special. Get a good quality moisturiser, or use one of our oil moisturisers to keep your skin supple and firm.


Consider Sensitivity

There are a number of things that can set off sensitive skin, and unfortunately for those who suffer from skin conditions like rosacea and urticaria, Christmas can be the worse time. Spending more time in the sun and drinking too much alcohol can aggravate existing skin conditions, or even create them. Christmas is definitely a time to enjoy yourself, but weigh up that next glass of wine or game of beach cricket with the health of your skin. There are other ways to enjoy the holiday season.


Don’t Fall Prey to Stress

The nice thing about Christmas is being able to take some time off, and spend it celebrating with all of the important people in your lives. The not-so-nice thing is that sometimes meeting up with all those people leads to unnecessarily high levels of stress. With parties to organise, presents to buy, food to cook and people to keep satisfied, it isn’t surprising that Christmas becomes more than some people can handle.

The thing to remember about stress is that, like many other indicators of your physical and mental health, it can show on the skin. Before you stress about that, consider exploring meditation for stress relief, or simply taking a few moments every day in the lead up to Christmas to take a deep breath and relax. It’s only a holiday after all.

How do you keep your skin healthy in the holiday season?

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