The Five Weirdest Beauty Treatments of 2014

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Well ladies, it is official, 2014 is over! Looking back, the year has been one filled with new discoveries, healthy lifestyle changes, and lots of happy memories. But, in the last little while we’ve been looking back at the parts of 2014 that might be better off forgotten.

We’re talking about the weird, unusual and totally out of this world beauty treatments that have hit the headlines last year. From slimy saviours to bloody beautifiers, here are five we couldn’t resist reminding you of!


The Vampire Facial

Kim Kardashian made this one famous in a stomach-churning Instagram snap, but it’s actually been practiced by quite a few people. The Vampire Facial involves blood being taken from your arm and mixed to separate the cells, before being injected back into your face. This weird treatment, which can cost up to $1000 claims to rejuvenate the skin by creating new blood cells and collagen. But, to see results you’ll need to be getting your blood on three times every four to six weeks, making treatment as expensive as it is unusual.


Leech Therapy

Demi Moore admitted to being a Leech Therapy follower earlier this year, leading to a massive uptake in the procedure, which involves having leeches feed on you, and then having a mix of your own blood and leech enzymes applied to your face. Now, leeches are already used in medical treatments, particularly in limb reattachment, so admittedly the idea doesn’t seem so unbelievable. The treatment claims that lipids present in the leech enzyme reduce skin tension and improve blood circulation, leading to younger looking skin. Personally, we’re not sure we want leech juice and blood smeared on our faces, but that could just be us.


Beer Volume Treatment

This boozy beauty trend has been floating around for a while, but it resurfaced again in 2014 with the rise of at home, DIY beauty treatments. The treatment involves washing your hair in beer, with the aim of making it shinier. Science suggests that proteins present in the beer make your hair more voluminous, while the sugars also serve to improve natural shine. If it did work, it would be a pretty cheap treatment, but unfortunately all the beer treatment consistently offers is a chance for your hair to smell distinctly like the local pub.


Snail Facials

Originating in a spa in Tokyo, the snail facial was another crazy 2014 beauty treatment that had us shaking our heads and shuddering. The treatment, which involves covering the face in live snails, who spread their mucus all over your skin, claims to remove dead skin cells, and help the skin to hydrate. Unfortunately for all those who think the idea of having snails slide on your skin is a dream, there’s actually no real research that proves this treatment does anything magic… except give you a chance to commune with tosme snails.


Placenta Face Creams

Before you lose your cool and boycott Scentrelle for even mentioning this, we’re talking about sheep placenta creams, a beauty treatment lauded by the likes of Victoria Beckham. This wacky, and slightly nauseating, treatment is based on the idea that the placenta and umbilical cord of mammals contains stem cells that can repair any kind of cell in the body. Celebrities claim that the treatment helps keep their skin glowing and wrinkle free, but we’re not sure we’re that desperate to ward off aging yet.

So that’s the five most unusual, weird and generally unbelievable beauty treatments of the last year… Have you tried any of these yourself, or perhaps you have a stranger one to add?

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