4 Tips For Keeping Yourself Healthy This Easter

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For most people, Easter is a welcome break from the daily grind. For one weekend you can sit back, enjoy a few extra days off, and absolutely binge on chocolate. Whether you’re a parent with little ones waiting for the Easter Bunny, or an adult with a serious chocolate craving, Easter is often a time of overindulgence. Although highly enjoyable by any measure, these excessive Easter habits can cause havoc to your body.

But, there’s still good news to be had. These four simple tips can help you have the best of both worlds, enjoying Easter while keeping yourself healthy and glowing.


Take It Slow

The key to getting the most out of your Easter, without throwing your health into turmoil, is to take it nice and slow. Don’t sit down with all your Easter goodies and pig out. Instead, try and pace yourself over the long weekend, making sure that you’re able to have a little bit of the good stuff every day.

If you’re terrible at resisting temptation, consider laying out all the chocolate you have to eat, and allocating a small amount every day. Remember, Easter isn’t the only time you’re allowed to eat chocolate (nor is it likely to be the only time you will), so don’t overdo it. Keep your servings in check, and the effect on your body will be lessened.


Go Dark

What most people don’t realise about chocolate is that it isn’t the chocolate itself that’s bad for you. It’s all the added extras that chocolate companies toss in to improve and normalize flavour. So, to minimise the negative effects of a sudden increase in chocolate in your diet, consider opting for dark chocolate over milk or white varieties.

Dark chocolate can be more expensive, but its flavour is often more complex and interesting to eat. Its somewhat bitter aftertaste is positive not only as it keeps kid hands off it, but it isn’t something you can binge on extensively. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good, and with more options on the market every Easter, it’s worth a try.


Embrace Homemade

If it’s chocolate you’re craving, there might be more options than a quick Easter weekend trip to the shops. Instead, why not try making some Easter goodies yourself? Using carob, coconut oil and raw cacao is an easy way to bring more chocolate into your life without compromising your health. There are an endless number of recipes online, many of which are simple to make and perfect for easter.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to Easter treats is easier than you think, so it pays to do some research and get an idea of your options. The other bonus of making Easter treats yourself is that you know exactly what goes into it, and you’re less likely to binge excessively.


Add Exercise

The problem that many people face, especially over Easter, is that the need to relax overshadows necessary exercise. But, instead of being avoided, exercise should be embraced over Easter. After all, it’s a time that is all about new beginnings, starting over, and crafting healthy habits. So, instead of sitting back all Easter, head out and enjoy the world.

Take a walk with your partner, your family or just yourself, getting the most out of your beautiful surrounds before winter is upon you again. You can even combine both worlds by packing a healthy Easter picnic, with a few treats, and heading out on a long walk.

What do you love doing over Easter to stay healthy?

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