The 7 Step Guide To 10-Minute Relaxation and De-Stressing

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There’s a certain feeling that you get, perhaps when you realise you’re playing a juggling game with your life, that you just need to take some time for yourself. The problem is, you have no time to spare. Life is busy, and ten minutes is just about all you can give towards your own sanity, and there’s no way that’s enough right?


In fact, ten minutes is all you need to go through our seven simple steps to de-stressing, and reaching that wonderful state of relaxation.

Here’s how you do it.


Find A Quiet Place

The space you choose is entirely up to you. All that it has to be is quiet, and a spot where you won’t be interrupted as you relax. You could even lock yourself in the bathroom if you want, there’s really no place that you can’t find your little moment of peace.



Wherever you’re going to relax, your phone and other electronics are not going with you. Yes, there might be an emergency while you’re away, but you’ll be back in 10 minutes and fully able to deal with it then. If you take your phone with you, you’re more likely to be interrupted and lose the peace and quiet you’re looking for. Although you might feel a little bit naked without your phone in hand, it is going to be a blessing for your stress levels.


Sit Comfortably

Find a spot to sit where you feel comfortable. In general, we would recommend trying to find a place where you don’t slouch, and where the pressure on your spine is minimal. Try exhaling and relaxing your shoulders to get into an ideal position, resting your hands lightly on the top of your thighs. There’s no specific method of sitting, just find something comfortable for you.


Focus On Your Breath

This is usually most easily accomplished by closing your eyes, and cutting all external distractions. Just take a minute to focus entirely on your breath, in and out and in and out. Think of your chest like a wave coming in and leaving the shore. If that is too much to manage, just try counting each external and internal breath for a moment, focusing your attention there.


Tighten And Release

Starting from either your head or your feet, move slowly through your body focusing on tightening and releasing each muscle and body part. As you release the muscle, focus on the feeling of pressure lightening in those areas, and the relaxation that follows. Your mind might wander in this process, but gently bring yourself back to the tightening and releasing, and that feeling of gentle relaxation.



Once you’ve worked your way through your body, take a minute to enjoy the feeling of your body in a state of relaxation. Allow your mind to wander and freewheel in any manner you like, these minutes are just for you to enjoy.


Repeat As Needed

This process might not seem like it makes a big difference, but the key aspect of it as that it is fast, effective, and easy to fit into any day. Working through these seven steps can have a big impact on your stress levels and feelings of well-being, so try and sit down for ten minutes every day, and just take time for you. Believe us, you’ll be thankful for it.

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April 03, 2015

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