Chia Seeds - Just What Makes Them A Superfood?

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Chia seeds have hit the big time in the last little while, yet another ‘superfood’ in the lineup being praised by health professionals and everyday eaters alike. These little seeds, which are also known as Salvia Hispanica, were revered by the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca people. They regarded the seed as a high energy food, and warriors often carried the seeds and ate them to keep their strength up.

With a history like that, it’s no surprise that chia seeds are getting quite a reputation. But we’re here to enlighten you about their present, not their past. So, what’s so great about chia seeds anyway?


First Up

The thing that people love about chia seeds, and certainly what newcomers to this superfood trend are happy with, is that chia seeds are very easy to get hold of, easy to prepare, and have a mild taste. Their growing popularity mean they’re available in a high quality form online, and making them really is as easy as ‘just add water’. In terms of taste, the seeds have a minimal taste overall, which mean they can be mixed, blended and added to other foods with ease.


Then Nutritionally

Nutritionally, there’s a lot more to love about chia seeds. Don’t let their miniature size fool you, these little seeds pack one serious nutritional punch.

In fact, chia seeds are:

Energy Giving: We aren’t talking about energy like downing a few cans of taurine and chemical laced energy drinks. We mean natural energy, energy that lasts. Chia seeds contain twice as much potassium as bananas, which gives a sustained energy release that won’t leave you feeling low.

Protein Packed: Chia seeds have a higher percentage of protein than any other grain, and the protein is very easily absorbed and digestible. This makes it great for vegetarians and vegans, but it can be beneficial to any diet, with all 19 essential amino acids contained within.

Overflowing with Omega 3: Chia seeds are the richest natural source of Omega 3, which combined with the balance of Omega 6 in the seed can help to improve brain function and mood. The Omega oils are important for vitamin absorbtion, and the health of your vital organs.

Wild for Weight loss: Chia seeds initially started to gain popularity due to their reputation as a great dieting good. The seeds bulk up other foods as they expand, but their mild taste doesn’t hinder the flavour. This means that they’re very filling, encouraging you to eat less, while still feeling very full.

The best part is, that is just the beginning. There are more and more studies being conducted, and more professionals paying attention to this seed, and its potential is amazing!



For many people, the best thing about chia seeds is the ease in which they can be added to the diet. The seeds, as they have minimal flavour, can be added to almost any meal or beverage. They can be used to bulk up soups, improve smoothies and even replace eggs in baking recipes. Basically, they’re about as flexible as they are nutritionally amazing.

It can be hard when new ‘superfoods’ come into popularity to figure out what really is good for you, and what is just another case of bandwagon syndrome. We were initially cautious with chia seeds, but after reading up on them and incorporating them into our diets we have to admit to the facts.

Chia seeds might well be one of the few superfoods that deserve the title.


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