The Bridal Beauty Countdown: 3 Months More

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Welcome back!

The previous week we talked about the initial days of a bride-to-be’s life; how and when she should get started with her bridal beauty regime. We hope you have been keeping yourself aligned with our ‘The Bridal Beauty Countdown: 6 Months to Go! ‘guide. Now, we here want to keep you prepared well ahead of time and so, we’re back with another quick bridal guide.

3 Months more and you’ll be walking down the aisle! Aren’t you excited and nervous at the same time? The countdown has begun and the time is going to swoop by faster than you ever imagined. Relax, we have you covered.

Tick-Tock: The Clock’s Running (Things to do 3 Months before Tying the Knot)

  1. Fit the Gown: Yes, three months is the right time to make sure your wedding gown fots. A bride must go to any bounds to shop for her D-day attire. Why only 3 months in advance? Well, because we think you should fit the dress once you have started getting into shape. This way you will be able to avoid any measurement and fitting issues last minute!
  2. At the Gym, Mark Your Target Areas: In our previous list, we suggested you to hit the gym six months in advance. After three months of overall workout and getting in shape, your next move should be to work on the specific target areas. If your wedding gown bares the shoulders or back, do the exercises that help you shed off any extra fat from the target areas.
  3. Finalise Your D-Day Look: Now that you have tried out all the good hair dressers, make-up artists and have also, hired the best one, the next thing to do is to sit down with them and work on the final look. A look test is something that you can go for. Visit your make-up artist and hair dresser three months prior to the wedding to discuss your final look with them. The make-up should go with your skin tone, texture and also the attire you are planning to adorn. Visit the hair dresser with the pictures of veil and hairstyles that you like. He’ll suggest the best one for you!
  4. Work on Those Brows: You might be missing out on this! Visit a specialist who can help in reshaping the brows and make you look more attractive. If your brows are over plucked, they will require time to grow and so turning your attention to them three months in advance is the right thing to do. Also, you can hire an aesthetician and go for tweezing in every three weeks.
  5. Make Your Pucker Pink and Perfect: The nuptial knot is incomplete until you seal it with a kiss and so, it is important for the bride to make her lips soft, luscious and kissable. Ayurveda can come to your aid. If smoking and tanning have left your kissers dark and chapped, try on some Ayurvedic lip balms like Kokum Butter Lip Balm. It is a natural and effective lip product.
  6. Get Rid of Those Tan Lines: Has the summer left its mark on skin in the form of tan lines? Keep the neckline of your wedding gown in mind and if it shows off any tan lines, work on them. Opt for a good exfoliation session and skin treatment to attain an even skin tone; even make-up can do the trick right!
  7. Hair Care: Colour them, straighten them or curl up; take care of your strands. Use Ayurvedic potions and try out hairstyles, products three months before the wedding.

Now that you have been 7 simple tips at your altar, the wedding jitters shouldn’t trouble you. Just pay attention to yourself and your wellbeing. Pamper yourself and your beauty will take everyone’s breath away when the final day arrives.

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