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Camellia Oil: Give Your Skin a Delicious Treat Today!

Today, we are literally living in a world enveloped in a thick sheath of dust and pollution that has adverse effects on our skin. Using products from high-end beauty brands to protect the skin from damage has turned into a cult these days. Many of us are aware about the fact that not all of these products are made from safe ingredients. There are many products that contain harmful chemicals, which may eventually harm your skin. This is where you must resort to natural remedies. You can get a multitude of options from the nature’s basket that can help you safeguard your skin from damage, making it healthier and more beautiful.

One potent beauty food that we would like to talk about today is the essential oil Camellia Oil. Haven’t heard about it? Well, you’ve landed upto the right place. Given below is an account related to what this oil is and how it can be beneficial for the skin.

Often referred to as the ‘beauty secret of the Geishas’, Camellia Seed Oil, also called Tea Oil  oil is obtained from an evergreen shrub called Camellia Oleifera. It has tiny leaves and bears small rose-like flowers. This exotic oil is made by cold pressing the seeds, with no heat involved in the process.

A Complete Retreat for the Skin: Camellia Oil Beauty Benefits

Firstly, this oil has excellent hair reviving and skin restoration properties. It is being used by Japanese women for decades now; a treasured beauty oil of Japan, you can say. Apart from beauty, it also has various health benefits.

Popularly known as the holy grail of beauty, this oil is used in a number of beauty products as well.

  • The foremost benefit of this oil is that is helps in warding away wrinkles and all other signs of ageing. Use this oil for a weekly massage, and you’ll see your age-signs diminishing little by little slowly. Also, it has antioxidants present which again prevent premature ageing.
  • Camellia oil comes loaded with bio-active components and can easily penetrate the skin without leaving behind a greasy appearance. It is therefore, excellent for dry as well as oily skin types.
  • It has marvelous hydrating properties and makes the skin supple, glowing and smooth.
  • Another important factor that makes Camellia oil, one wonderful ingredient for the skin is its ability to safeguard the skin from harmful damage of the UV rays. It helps in keeping the skin at bay from environmental damages. Use this oil and forget freckles, age spots and excessive pigmentation!

With all the benefits that this oil has to endow, it wouldn’t be wrong to call the powerhouse of beauty. Go grab Camellia oil today (found in our beautiful Reverse Time Face Serum) and give your skin a delicious treat!

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