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OILS: The Secret to acne free clear beautiful skin

Almost everyone out there is in the search of a magic potion that can lead their way to clear skin. The pesky pimples can put you under trouble at any time, regardless of the age. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, even a little ignorance can cause the popping of pimples.

After going through many studies and research, it has been found that the solution lies just with us. To your astonishment, this solution is nothing other than the oils lying in your pantry. The question arises that how oils can be beneficial when the prime reason of these pimples is oil only.

Well, it’s just a myth that oil is the cause of the annoying pimples on your face. It is not because of the oil, the reason is the bacteria that have taken shelter within the skin.  These bacteria are generated because of the clogged pores, and when the essential oils are applied to the skin, the antimicrobial, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal properties of the oils kill these bacteria.

These are some oils that you can add to your skin care regime to free yourself from acne:         

  • Tea Tree Oil:

 It is the most popular and effective acne killing oil. It acts as an antibacterial and antifungal on the skin. Some of the people use it undiluted form, but it completely depends on the personal skin requirement. On a general basis, it is recommended to use it with some other oil like jojoba oil or sesame oil.

  • Lavender Oil:

Along with fighting the severe acne, lavender oil also soothes your skin. So, if you have a very sensitive skin, then this is the best choice. Either opt for a face wash or moisturizer that contains lavender oil or prepare your own moisturizer by mixing jojoba, almond, and grape seed oil.

  • Rose Essential Oil

This one will work extremely well for dry and aging skin. The therapeutic compounds present in the rose essential oil heal the acne deeply. Along with this, it also helps in refining the texture and tone of the skin. Its versatility makes it worthy of being a part of the skin care regime. Use a cleanser, scrub or moisturizer that contains rose oil or bring it to direct use.

  • Neem Oil

With its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial property, Neem oil can work for almost every type of skin. It can be of a huge help, whether it is cystic acne or a sensitive skin. But please don’t avoid it because of its bitter scent, the bitterer is the scent the more effective it is.

  • Bergamot Oil:

The antibacterial properties of Bergamot oil act effectively on the breakouts. It will revitalize your skin along with making clear and flowing. To attain the best results, use it with the combination of other essential oils.

There are some other oils also like hemp seed oil, apricot oil, and watermelon oil that are used for skin acne and anti-aging. You can opt for a range of Body Dew Oil from Scentrelle. These oils contain the mixture of different essential oils.

Go ahead and grab one of these essential oils today to make your skin healthy and pimple-free!


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