5 Steps To Bring You Closer To A Work-Life Balance

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Some people will argue that there is simply no such thing as a healthy work-life balance, and that chasing that oxymoron will only lead to more stress. Here at Scentrelle we’re big fans of the idea of keeping things even, and over the years we’ve worked really hard to achieve a work-life balance that keeps us happy and sane.

So, to make your Monday just a little bit easier, we wanted to share some steps you can take to achieve a more healthy work-life balance, if you don’t have one already.

  • 1. Schedule In Time For You
  • When all you do is work, it can be easy to lose sight of yourself as an individual so do yourself a favour and literally build time into your daily schedule for yourself. This is such a hard thing for many work-focused individuals to do, but it is absolutely necessary. You can use this time to do anything you want, as long as it is just for yourself. Don’t do tasks, don’t finish errands, just take 5 - 15 minutes and breathe.

  • 2. Prioritize Your Values
  • Those who spend a lot of time in a work environment often find themselves struggling to sort out their priorities. When you’re at work, everything can seem so important, but the truth is that not everything is important to do right now! To avoid this way of thinking, take some time to draw out your prioritise, and then create solid boundaries between them to ensure they all get adequate amounts of your time.

  • 3. Accept Imperfection
  • For the perfectionist, this next point will be a hard one to swallow. But, a key aspect of achieving a work-life balance is to ask yourself “Is this good enough”. If it is good enough, and you have fulfilled the job that was asked of you, perhaps good enough is enough. Obviously, perfection is necessary sometimes, and it is nice to go above and beyond expectations, but that isn’t always possible, and it is time to accept that.

  • 4. Look For Alternatives
  • If you’re struggling to achieve a work-life balance because of time-consuming tasks that suck your available resources, consider if there might be any alternatives available. For example, if you hate grocery shopping, could you order your food online and have it delivered? If you’re willing to think outside the box, you might be surprised to find just how much potential there is to make positive change in your work-life balance.

  • 5. Ask For Help
  • We know, you’re a fully capable and independent individual, but you don’t have to be that all the time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work or at home, and that is stopping you from achieving a healthy balance, ask for help before it becomes too much. Whether that is delegating tasks, or simply getting a helping hand from a friend, it can all make a big different.

    In the end, the thing to remember when trying to achieve a work-life balance is that there is no single method for everyone. As individuals we all have vastly different ideas and notions of what will and will not work for us, and you need to follow your heart when it comes to making those decisions.

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    Six Essential Time-Saver Tips For Busy Mums

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    If you’re a mum, we don’t have to tell you just how valuable your time is. You know, like we do, that sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, and it seems impossible to keep up.

    Here at Scentrelle, we like to try and offer solutions; tips and tricks that might help you tackle the day-to-day challenges of life without losing your cool. With that in mind, we’ve put together six little - but essential - time saving tips, that might end up being your secret to staying ahead.


    Wake Up Before Your Kids

    Busy mums often have trouble getting enough sleep, so you might wonder why we’re advocating to get up even earlier. The truth is that as mums you don’t always get much time in the day just to yourself. Getting up just 15-20 minutes before your kids allows you a quiet moment to organise your thoughts, and your day, mentally before the chaos begins.


    Shop Smart

    We live in a cleverly digital world, and this can be an absolute lifesaver for busy mums. Instead of rushing around trying to organise a grocery shop with your kids in tow, why not try shopping online? Most major retailers allow you to shop online with delivery, or pick up your shopping in one fell swoop. This can save lots of valuable time, and it allows you to get the essentials you’re always needing in bulk, negating those late night supermarket runs.


    Embrace Night Preparation

    Mornings are stressful, but with a little bit of night preparation they could be a lot more relaxing (ok, a little more relaxing). Once you put your mind to it, you’ll be surprised how many things can be prepped the night before, saving you time and worry in those busy mornings. Try laying out your and your children’s clothing ready to wear, packing bags, organising lunches and even setting the breakfast table.


    Cook Weekly

    A nice home-cooked meal is absolutely priceless after a long day being to go-to-girl for your child’s every need. But, when you’re the one having to cook the meal after a long day, it just doesn’t seem that enjoyable. Instead of falling prey to the dinner preparation rush, consider cooking a week worth of meals on a Sunday afternoon, and freezing them. You could even organise to do a frozen meal swap with some other mums, to broaden your palate and your recipe collection!


    Keep A Family Organiser

    Feel like you can’t keep up with your own family? Consider investing in a dry-erase or blackboard family organiser that you can display in your house. Use the organiser to keep track of chores, responsibilities, commitments and other plans, for every member of your household. Super busy families might need a daily or weekly organiser, but a monthly one works great too.


    Avoid Drowning In Stuff

    Any mum knows that value isn’t always measured in the dollar, and for some of the more sentimentally minded, this can mean that clearing out the house is emotionally hard. Those drawings, too-small clothes and other remnants of your child’s life are special to you, but they do drag you down. Instead of keeping everything, photograph your family memories and creations on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and compile them into photobook albums every year. These are easier to store, but still keep those memories safe.

    Time is precious when you’re a mum, and a minute saved is sure to be better spent on enjoying time with your kids, or even a moment to yourself. Hopefully, these six tips give you more of those minutes to spare, because we know you’ve earned them.

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    Be Mentally Happy | By Simone

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    Mental health is essential to our overall wellbeing and is necessary for everyone of every age. If we cannot stand being alone with our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, we cannot take care of ourselves physically.

    Read more on this topic by our guest blogger Simone xo

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