The importance of moisturising your skin especially your body! #

Posted on January 04, 2014 by R Scentrelle | 0 Comments

Recently I have been selling my new product Body Dew, body oil to for the skin to people who have very dry skin, cracking skin, eczema and psoriasis. The majority of people with these skin conditions (including myself before I started making my own product) neglect moisturising of the body and focus on the face only. However moisturising is a crucial part of prevention of many of these skin conditions.

Many magazines, anti-aging campaigns, media etc focus on the aging of the face not the body and thus ignore many of the skin ailments associated with the skin on the body. As some of you know the largest organ of the human body is the skin, why don't we look after this organ?

The reason why I rarely moisturised my body after a shower or bath is due to the time it takes to rub some creams and lotion into the skin but alas body dew is aimed at the time conscious as I apply it to my body in under a minute! Due to its quick absorption it doesn't stain clothes either.

Since I began using body oil on my skin it has reduced my dry flaky skin altogether and stopped me from having eczema outbreaks on my legs and arm due to its soothing, calming an hydration properties. I have received feedback from others that it has reduced their eczema symptoms (often exacerbated by dry skin) as well. Eczema is a common place skin ailment in todays world... perhaps it is due partly to lack of or incorrect moisturising as well as allergies to other harsh skin products.

The ingredients present in Body Dew also focus on anti-aging packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants to help protect your skin from environmental stress.


So lets take the time to look after all of our skin, not just our face and get moisturising! Using Body Dew results in a overall increase in the health and beauty of your skin something we often take for granted.

Its never to late to start caring for your skin!

Luv R xo

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