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In order to live a fulfilling life, one must consider themselves their best friend. The best relationship we will ever have in life is the one we hold with ourselves and it is the key to communication with others around us, and most importantly, living a happy life.

Self-talk is a big asset to evaluating yourself and your life. It allows us to take some time out and think about the person we are. We can use this time to reflect on our personalities and our greatest qualities. Self-talk shouldn’t be used as time to criticise your ‘flaws’, rather, it should be used to come up with ways to better ourselves.

Take time out weekly to write down on a piece of paper ten words or phrases you would use to describe yourself. We mainly group qualities by relation to work, friendships, health, ethics and family. Have a look at your top three choices of words or phrases and see what category they fit into to determine what you find most favourable in yourself. Focus on this and realise how well you do to keep it up.

The way in which we talk to ourselves ultimately affects the way we communicate with other people. If you self-talk negatively, chances are your confidence won’t be quite as high as someone who self-talks positively. Other people can pick up on this negative vibe quite easily if you shut yourself out, fail to make eye contact or frequently find yourself lost for words in conversation. If people react negatively to this, you will more than likely find yourself feeling even worse.

Have a positive attitude in life so your friends, family and co-workers can enjoy the person you are. If people have fun around you and enjoy your company, you will be able to see your finer qualities much clearer and, therefore, think of yourself in a more positive light. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and they both co-inside with one another. A healthy mind will determine your physical health and motivate you to get out there and exercise.

Change begins in the mind. Nothing can be accomplished without self-confidence and a great relationship within. The mind is a powerful thing and controls your entire life. Make sure you focus on the good qualities you have and work on the ones you don’t like in order to increase your confidence.

Remember that everyone is different and everyone learns from each other. Be the example you want to be – show people how much they can change their lives just by reflecting on themselves every once in a while.





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