FIFA world cup and Brazilian Dancing Samba

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As the world cup is currently going on those few people who are not interested in soccer/football may be interested in another sport! Samba.

Samba is a Brazilian form of dancing which is often confused with the ballroom style of Samba which is couple dancing.

There are five different types of Samba so read below to find out which style suits you!

Samba no Pè

A solo dance peformed when samba music is played

Samba de Gafieiria

Is the most complex form of Brazilian samba involving a partner and some acrobatic movements (but still not ballroom samba).

Samba Pagode

Started in the city of San Paulo and is partner dancing however more intimate than Samba de Gafiera and less acrobatic.

Samba Axè

A solo dance which also involves miming to the music and has been likened to Aerobics.

Samba Reggae

Dancing to the Samba beat with lots of drums

Samba de Roda

Orginated in San Paulo and is a nightclub latin dance.

Samba de roda

A traditional afro-brazilian dance using percussion instruments.


So while your friends, family, or random people you dont know are watching the world cup start breaking out your Samba moves and get involved with the Brazilian culture of dance.

Dance like no one is watching!



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