6 steps to glamazon skin on your wedding day

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How to guide: Glamazon skin on your wedding day in 6 steps

It has been three years almost three and a half since my wedding day. Unlike most ladies I wasn't the type to be stressed and running around organising last minute things and worrying about whether everything would be perfect. Instead I was the last minute type bride forgot all about having a guest book and bought a wedding dress in the second shop I went to after getting tired of trying on so many white dresses.

Alas to say everything went as well as it could have been and myself my husband my guests and I had a blast! We didn't want the night to end.

The only issue lurking at the back of my mind was I woke up with a big rash across my face (I had eczema since I was 18 months old) and found at times of stress it would re occur. If I had taken some time to invest in appropriate skincare leading up to the day perhaps it may have not been as exacerbated on the big day.

Some skincare tips that are a must!

Step 1: Clean, fresh, zing

Ensure not to sleep in your makeup it results in clogged up skin which hasn't been allowed to breathe or repair throughout the night.

Concoct your own weekly recipe of olive oil and sugar made fresh and use gently on the skin. Use this weekly to reveal fresh glowing skin. No measurements just add as much sugar as you like, based on how abrasive you like it!  Use a mild cleanser throughout the week that does not strip your skin of natural oils.

Step 2: Less is more

Moisturise, apply a mild serum that has a wealth of ingredients that will not irritate your skin. Serums are often more concentrated than creams especially Scentrelle natural face serum which is water free. Believe it or not oils are good for your skin and using the right combination can be your skin saviour. Even oily skin types can benefit as the myth that all oils are bad for your skin needs to take a back seat. Applying skin moisture stripping products can in fact make your skin dry and to combat lack of oil by producing more oil, meaning you are back at square one. Embrace the oil! Natural and full of antioxidants which protects your skin from the external elements!

Step 3: Love food!

Drink plenty of water and eat as healthy as possible. Try and cook fresh rather than reaching for packed food (one of my fallbacks). If you don’t have time throughout the week have a day where you cook and freeze your meals and defrost when needed.

Step 4: Timing is everything

Start these steps at least a month before your wedding to allow your new skin routine to be at its most optimum.

Step 5: Practice makes perfect

Make sure to have a trial run of your hair and makeup whether you are having it professionally done or doing it yourself, reduce the stress of the day and plan out exactly what products you need to feel and look your best! Draw inspiration from magazines, online and past photos of yourself and when you looked and felt great!

Step 6: chillout you deserve it!

Remember to relax, breathe enjoy the lead up to your wedding and have an awesome day!

Luv Scentrelle xo

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